Events That We Wow'ed

Conversations 2019

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From conceptualization to completion, BizFamous Events provided start-to-finish Event Services on this second annual event highlighting the Social Media Marketing world. Agencies, e-commerce owners, coaches, any local small businesses, collided with world-class industry leaders who assisted in transforming business by sharing winning strategies and case studies.

National Achievers Congress

Success Resources America

Lead Production Director for the one and two0day mega summit of wealth and achievement that brought together a lineup of speakers such as Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Herjavec, Loren Lahav, Daymond John and many more! With 8-12 shows a year, this concert-like seminar ranges from 2,000-9,000 attendees world wide!

Unstuck Yourself LIVE!

Transformation Coach Lea Newman

Beginning-to-end Event Production of the very first Unstuck Yourself LIVE retreat, where 20 women came together for a 3-day escape to beautiful Temecula, CA. The event was designed to guests get UNSTUCK in the areas that are most important to them and create a plan to stay that way, all while enjoying some fun and relaxation in the gorgeous wine countryside.

Go PRO with Eric Worre

Network Marketing Pro

Event Production Direction for the largest and most in-depth Network Marketing
training event in the world. This event brought an all-star lineup of million-dollar
earners, business experts, and personal development mentors led by the #1 Network Marketing Expert and Trainer, Eric Worre.

Armour Day

Under Armour

Event Production Lead for 20th anniversary party for the apparel powerhouse, Under Armour. This concert meets company party entertained, fed and thrilled almost 5,000 employees!

Unleash the Power Within

Tony Robbins

Event Production Manager for the world-reknown motivational speaker, Tony Robbins. Planning his wild multi-thousand attendee events all over the world, complete with award winning speakers, concert like ambiance and a 2,000 degree firewalk!

Urban Campfire

The Crave Company

Based on the fact that for thousands of years women have come together around the burning embers for warmth and support as they moved through the business of everyday life - desires, passions, challenges, Urban Campfire was born. Not a conference, summit or workshop, but rather a gathering of the finest female minds, speakers and influencers, designed to excite and incite women from all walks of life.

National College Football Coaches' Weekend

Under Armour

A full weekend of Hospitality at its finest on the beautiful Bahamian Island of Nassau at the acclaimed One and Only Resort. While lured to the weekend under the pretense of a Football Coaches Seminar, guests were pampered with the finest in food and beverage, entertainment and hospitality services.

Platinum Partnership: Cote d'Azur

Tony Robbins International

One of a half-dozen private high-end retreats for the Tony Robbins' Platinum Partnership group. At the Cote de Azur Retreat, 200+ C-Level Executives experienced an adrenaline-filled 5-days in the French Riveria driving super cars in the French Alps, riding helicopters to Monaco, sipping luxurious wines, watching the Grand Prix, and learning how adrenaline and NLP can alter your life.

RSVP Cruises

Provided pre and on-site event management services for several 4,000+ passenger charter cruises throughout the world

And many, many more!

further examples and references available upon request